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February 2016

We proudly present: CubyCube – where you wangle the whirly swirls!


Successfully launched on Apple’s App Store, Lamayon Games’ CubyCube packs a unique world of movement into a haptic and hectic, temper-testing game. Players steer, swerve, roll, tip and tilt their iPhones and iPads to coax candy swirls into spaces and blow up rows of cubes encroaching upon the playing field from left and right.

Apple’s gyroscope gears real physics to pure fun

CubyCube’s uncanny movement control comes from the gyroscope in Apple devices. Real time physics leads to fresh, engrossing and innovative gameplay geared to the natural dynamics of the physical world. Players of all ages are synchronizing their motor skills and patience to move their devices and wangle the whirly swirls.

Feel the emotion of motion!